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Describe your body according to the questions below. We will then guide you through in order to find your perfect jeans.

Check out our jeans guide methodology according to your body shape.

Ideal jeans for men or women
You are :

a woman a man

The few general questions will inform you on the characteristics influence when it comes to choosing a denim

Ideal jeans and legs length
Proportionally speaking, would you describe your legs as :

short proportional long

Bootcut and flared legs are especially suited for very tall people;
Slim jeans would be best suited to short or long legs.

Ideal jeans and hips width
Would you describe your hips as :

narrow normal large

The come back of high rise trousers will please people with rather large hips whereas the low rise or super low rise trousers will be aimed at rangy silhouettes.

Ideal jeans and bottom size
Would you describe your bottom as :

flat normal generous

Do you have a rather small bottom? Then forget high rise trousers and go for slim fits. Generous body parts are best dressed in more comfortable fits, in straight cuts or bootcut.

Ideal jeans and thighs sizes
Would you describe your thighs as :

slim normal muscular / larges

Slim fit will work best if you have slim thighs, unless the flared leg compensate the proportions.

Ideal jeans and size
Would you describe yourself as :

small average tall

The English have a special category called 'petite' when it comes to really small figures. Skinny cuts are specially designed for them. However bigger sizes will look great in flared cuts or even slim bootcut jeans.

Your preferences for a perfect jeans
Your preferences :
fashion style classic style no prefs
with stretch denim no stretch denim no prefs
zip fly buttons fly no prefs
standard back pockets flap back pockets no prefs

If you are looking for something specific, please give us as much details as possible. Some brands are more 'fashionable' than others. They are characterised by sophisticated embroidery, alterations in the fabric or diffrent colour washes...

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