Our jeans Guide - Explanations

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The aim of this guide is to help you choose your jeans according to your shape.

Each shape characteristic should direct you towards a particular style of jeans, and even help you avoid some types of jeans.

This is how it works : we have done an inventory and a summary based on all the advice given by different brands of jeans, designers, stylists, denim's lovers, to come to conclusions like : 'if you are slender, avoid high waist jeans' or 'if you are short, go for skinny jeans, or straight and comfortable cuts', etc...

These principles have been analysed in order to find out which shape characteristics have an impact on the choice of jeans : we are talking about the waist, hips, bottom, legs length and thighs size.

Also, this analysis enabled us to identify the jean stylistic characteristics, to which the physiology should take us. We are here talking about cut, fit and rise level.

The combination of these characteristics enabled us to create our guide, which can resolve questions as : if your shape comes up with that size, hips, bottom, legs, thighs, then you should go for jeans with that cut, fit and rise.

Last but not least, for a shape guide to become a real purchase tool, all we had to do was classify offers on the market, in terms of cut, rise and size. So, when you come to ask yourself 'giving my shape, which jeans shall I buy ?', we could give you a straight answer 'for you, we recommend these style of jeans from this brand !'

So, have a go at the free Jeans & denim guide to find the perfect jeans !

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