Men - Skinny Leg

Levis® 511 Slim

Levi's® 511 Slim

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   

from   20.00 £

Men's Levi's Red Tab jeans no-stretchy, tapered leg, snugly through the thighs, zip and button closure, low rise

REPLAY M914 Anbass

REPLAY M914 'Anbass'


from   45.00 £

Replay jeans no-stretchy denim, snugly through the thighs, mid rise, for men, zip closure, skinny cut


TRUE RELIGION jeans 'Rocco'

Skinny Leg   Regular Fit   Low Rise   

the cheapest   83.00 £

True Religion jeans regular fit, for men, low rise, elastic fabric, skinny leg, closed with buttons

G-Star Raw 3301 Slim Jeans

G-Star Raw '3301 Slim' Jeans


the cheapest   27.00 £

Men's G-Star Raw jeans tapered leg, buttons closure, snugly through the thighs, low rise, no-stretchy denim

LEE Jeans Luke

LEE Jeans 'Luke'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   37.50 £

Lee jeans for men, stretchy denim, mid rise, narrow leg opening, snugly through the thighs, zip fly

Levis® 512 Slim Taper

Levi's® 512 Slim Taper


the cheapest   46.75 £

Levi's Red Tab pair of jeans closed with zipper fly, tapered cut, for men, slim fit, mid rise, stretchy



Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   

the cheapest   88.00 £

Men's True Religion jeans low rise, skinny leg, snugly through the thighs, no-stretchy denim, button fly

DIESEL Tepphar

DIESEL 'Tepphar'


the cheapest   38.00 £

Diesel denim regular through the thighs, stretchy, narrow leg opening, for men, closed with buttons, mid rise

EDWIN Jeans ED-80

EDWIN Jeans 'ED-80'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   

from   48.00 £

Men's Edwin jeans no-stretchy denim, low rise, tapered leg, closed with zipper fly, very fitted

G-Star 51003 3301 Tapered Jeans

G-Star 51003 '3301 Tapered' Jeans


from   32.00 £

Men's G-Star jeans no-stretchy denim, tapered fit, mid rise, regular fit, buttons closure



Skinny Leg   Relaxed Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   55.00 £

Men's Edwin jeans roomy fit, no-stretchy denim, mid rise, closed with buttons, skinny cut

Levis® 519 Skinny

Levi's® 519 Skinny


the cheapest   50.99 £

Levi's Red Tab pair of jeans zip closure, tapered leg, with elastane, mid rise, very fitted, for men

Levis 510 Skinny

Levi's 510 'Skinny'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   50.99 £

Men's Levi's Red Tab jeans stretchy denim, closed with zipper fly, slim fit, mid rise, tapered leg

EDWIN Slim Tapered Jean ED-85

EDWIN Slim Tapered Jean 'ED-85'


the cheapest   47.99 £

EDWIN pair of jeans slim fit, for men, thin leg opening, stretchy denim, low rise, closed with zipper fly

Nudie jeans Tight Long John

Nudie jeans 'Tight Long John'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   

from   44.50 £

Men's Nudie Jeans jeans zip and button closure, snugly through the thighs, stretchy denim, low rise, tapered leg

ACNE Ace Jeans

ACNE 'Ace' Jeans


the cheapest   150.00 £

Men's ACNE jeans mid rise, stretchy, skinny cut, closed with zipper fly, slim fit

DIESEL Buster Tapered Denim

DIESEL 'Buster' Tapered Denim

Skinny Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   75.00 £

DIESEL pair of jeans for men, button-only closure, regular fit, mid rise, tapered fit, no-stretchy

REPLAY Denim MA931 Jondrill

REPLAY Denim MA931 'Jondrill'


the cheapest   58.50 £

Men's Replay jeans mid rise, snugly through the thighs, elastic fabric, zip and button closure, skinny fit

Levis® 522 Slim Taper Jeans

Levi's® 522 'Slim Taper' Jeans

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   20.00 £

Levi's pair of jeans zip closure, mid rise, snugly through the thighs, for men, elastic fabric, skinny fit

Nudie jeans Thin Finn

Nudie jeans 'Thin Finn'


the cheapest   45.00 £

Men's Nudie Jeans jeans very fitted, zip fly, mid rise, elastic fabric, skinny cut

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Did you know ?

Thanks to country singers in the United States, skinny cuts became famous in the 50's. These trousers were characterised by their pointed shape of the lower legs of the trousers, going from the knee to the ankle. These type of jeans didn't use to be a slim fit (very close to the body around the thighs and hips). We often tend to confuse the slim fit and the skinny cut, but the two have quite different characteristics. We could actually prefer the less ambiguous 'tapered' meaning slender. Skinny / tapered jeans could even be of an extra large fit in some cuts as 'carrot' or 'drop crotch' or even like harem trousers. On the other hand skinny slim jeans worn by the Sex Pistols's or tektonik fans have a bright future ahead of them.
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