REPLAY Jeans - Women

REPLAY Jean WV689 Luz

REPLAY Jean WV689 'Luz'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   

from   50.00

REPLAY pair of jeans for women, low rise, zip fly, narrow leg opening, stretchy, snugly through the thighs

Boyfriend REPLAY Denim WX698 Pilar

Boyfriend REPLAY Denim WX698 'Pilar'


from   75.00

Replay denim for women, low rise, skinny fit, elastic fabric, button-only closure, roomy fit

REPLAY Denim WX613 Rose

REPLAY Denim WX613 'Rose'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   

from   80.50

Women's Replay jeans with elastane, fitted/slim, zip and button closure, low rise, narrow leg opening

REPLAY Low Crotch Jean Denice

REPLAY Low Crotch Jean 'Denice'


from   94.50

Replay pair of jeans zip and button closure, for women, mid rise, tapered cut, elastic fabric, regular fit

Skinny REPLAY Jeans WX621 Yasmeen

Skinny REPLAY Jeans WX621 'Yasmeen'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   

the cheapest   52.49

Replay pair of jeans low rise, zip fly, stretchy, for women, narrow leg opening, slim fit

REPLAY Boyfit Jeans WX693 Leena

REPLAY Boyfit Jeans WX693 'Leena'


from   95.39

Women's Replay jeans low rise, comfortable, buttons closure, no-stretchy, straight leg

Boyfriend Pants REPLAY Gracelly

Boyfriend Pants REPLAY 'Gracelly'

Straight Leg   Relaxed Fit   Mid Rise   

from   82.00

Replay pair of jeans straight cut, for women, relaxed fit, zip closure, mid rise, no-stretchy

REPLAY Relaxed Jeans Newswenfani WX661

REPLAY Relaxed Jeans 'Newswenfani' WX661


from   80.50

Women's Replay jeans straight cut, roomy fit, no-stretchy, ultra-low rise, zip closure

REPLAY Skinny WA626 Brigidot

REPLAY Skinny WA626 'Brigidot'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   

from   62.50

Replay jeans closed with zipper fly, elastic fabric, fitted/slim, narrow leg opening, low rise, for women

Bootcut Jeans REPLAY Dorthy

Bootcut Jeans REPLAY 'Dorthy'


the cheapest   50.00

Replay denim snugly through the thighs, closed with zipper fly, bootleg, for women, mid rise, stretchy denim

REPLAY WV531 Swenfani

REPLAY WV531 'Swenfani'

Bootcut Leg   Relaxed Fit   Ultra-low Rise   


Replay jeans zip closure, stretchy denim, ultra-low rise, bootleg, roomy fit, for women

WV521 REPLAY Rockxanne

WV521 REPLAY 'Rockxanne'



Replay pair of jeans stretchy denim, snugly through the thighs, for women, low rise, tapered leg, zip and button closure

REPLAY W421 Teena

REPLAY W421 'Teena'

Bootcut Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   


Replay jeans slim fit, low rise, for women, zip and button closure, elastic fabric, bootcut

REPLAY WX660 Fabienne

REPLAY WX660 'Fabienne'



Replay jeans pants zip fly, ultra-low rise, roomy fit, straight leg, for women, stretchy denim

REPLAY Rearmy Jean

REPLAY 'Rearmy' Jean

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   


Women's Replay jeans low rise, slim fit, zip fly, stretchy, straight leg

REPLAY Jeans WX645 Anne

REPLAY Jeans WX645 'Anne'



Women's Replay jeans straight cut, closed with zipper fly, ultra-low rise, with elastane, snugly through the thighs

REPLAY WV640 Radixes

REPLAY WV640 'Radixes'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Ultra-low Rise   


Replay pair of jeans zip fly, skinny cut, slim fit, for women, stretchy denim, ultra-low rise

REPLAY WV580 Janice

REPLAY WV580 'Janice'



Women's Replay jeans no-stretchy, zip closure, low rise, straight cut, comfortable

REPLAY W401 Jennpez

REPLAY W401 'Jennpez'

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   


Replay denim straight cut, for women, elastic fabric, zip fly, snugly through the thighs, low rise

REPLAY WV559 Pearl

REPLAY WV559 'Pearl'



Replay jeans pants slim fit, closed with zipper fly, straight cut, low rise, for women, stretchy

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Confined to the role of working clothes or overalls, the garments made of jean or denim became a outfit of leisure during the thirties and forties. He was then out of the question to wear these clothes in the office, or in the business with representation, because they kept their reputation garment worker or handler. Lots of denim was used in the manufacture of children's clothing that were worn when they played outside, due to their robustness. These children before the war became young adults post-war which used the denim garment as a vehicle for protest, rejecting the society as responsible for the war.
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