REPLAY Jeans - Men

REPLAY M914 Anbass

REPLAY M914 'Anbass'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   35.75 £

Replay jeans no-stretchy denim, snugly through the thighs, mid rise, for men, zip closure, skinny cut

REPLAY M983 Waitom

REPLAY M983 'Waitom'


from   44.55 £

Replay jeans pants low rise, buttons closure, for men, no-stretchy denim, straight leg, regular fit

REPLAY Denim MA931 Jondrill

REPLAY Denim MA931 'Jondrill'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   

from   57.50 £

Men's Replay jeans mid rise, snugly through the thighs, elastic fabric, zip and button closure, skinny fit

Comfort REPLAY Denim MA955 Newbill

Comfort REPLAY Denim MA955 'Newbill'


from   44.55 £

Men's Replay jeans mid rise, straight leg, closed with buttons, relaxed fit, no-stretchy denim

REPLAY Jean MA946 Ronas

REPLAY Jean MA946 'Ronas'

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   85.00 £

Replay jeans pants for men, really snugly through the thighs, closed with buttons, mid rise, no-stretchy denim, straight cut

Slim Biker Jeans REPLAY Zaldok

Slim Biker Jeans REPLAY 'Zaldok'


the cheapest   82.50 £

Replay denim zip and button closure, for men, stretchy, straight leg, slim fit, mid rise

Slim REPLAY Thyber

Slim REPLAY 'Thyber'

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   

from   70.00 £

Replay denim slim fit, button fly, straight cut, mid rise, for men, with elastane

REPLAY M955 Billstrong

REPLAY M955 'Billstrong'



Men's Replay jeans mid rise, straight leg, regular through the thighs, button fly, no-stretchy

Tapered Jeans REPLAY MA901 RBJ.901

Tapered Jeans REPLAY MA901 'RBJ.901'

Skinny Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   


Men's Replay jeans mid rise, button-only closure, regular fit, stretchy, thin leg opening


REPLAY MV950 'Doc'



Men's Replay jeans closed with buttons, no-stretchy denim, regular fit, mid rise, straight leg

REPLAY M909 Jennon

REPLAY M909 'Jennon'

Straight Leg   Regular Fit   Low Rise   


Replay jeans pants no-stretchy, straight cut, button fly, for men, regular fit, low rise

REPLAY M966 Jeto

REPLAY M966 'Jeto'



Replay jeans pants skinny cut, low rise, snugly through the thighs, no-stretchy denim, for men, zip closure

REPLAY M923 Jimi

REPLAY M923 'Jimi'

Bootcut Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   


Men's Replay jeans bootleg cut, closed with buttons, mid rise, regular fit, no-stretchy

REPLAY MA989 Lenrick

REPLAY MA989 'Lenrick'



Replay jeans straight cut, for men, button fly, mid rise, no-stretchy, fitted/slim

 REPLAY MV904 Mijag

REPLAY MV904 'Mijag'

Straight Leg   Regular Fit   Low Rise   


Men's Replay jeans low rise, closed with buttons, straight cut, regular fit, no-stretchy

Super Skinny REPLAY Mirhal

Super Skinny REPLAY 'Mirhal'



Replay jeans for men, stretchy denim, extra slim fit, zip closure, skinny fit, low rise

REPLAY M967 Sakala

REPLAY M967 'Sakala'

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   


Replay pair of jeans mid rise, slim fit, for men, with elastane, straight cut, closed with zipper fly

REPLAY Jeans M975 Newdoc

REPLAY Jeans M975 'Newdoc'



Replay pair of jeans regular fit, no-stretchy, zip fly, low rise, for men, straight cut

REPLAY Eegghie

REPLAY 'Eegghie'

Straight Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   


Replay jeans pants for men, mid rise, closed with buttons, regular fit, straight cut, no-stretchy


REPLAY 'Zeppo'



Men's Replay jeans low rise, closed with buttons, straight cut, slim fit, no-stretchy denim

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The weave cotton twill (sergé in french), which is basically the denim, happen to be remarkably strong. This is due to the way it is manufactured, the interlacing of both the warp and weft threads making an oblique pattern, which gives these fabrics such solidity.
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