G-STAR RAW Jeans - Women

G-Star 60892 Arc 3D Low Waist Boyfriend Jeans

G-Star 60892 'Arc 3D Low Waist Boyfriend' Jeans

Skinny Leg   Relaxed Fit   Low Rise   

the cheapest   33.00

G-Star jeans pants stretchy denim, closed with zipper fly, roomy fit, low rise, for women, tapered fit

G-Star Jeans 60885 Lynn Midwaist Skinny

G-Star Jeans 60885 'Lynn Midwaist Skinny'


the cheapest   27.00

G-Star jeans snugly through the thighs, mid rise, skinny leg, zip closure, with elastane, for women

G-Star Raw 60877 Contour High Skinny

G-Star Raw 60877 'Contour High Skinny'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   High Rise   

from   95.00

G-Star jeans pants closed with zipper fly, really snugly through the thighs, for women, high rise, skinny fit, stretchy denim

G-STAR Raw 60112 3301 Straight

G-STAR Raw 60112 '3301 Straight'


the cheapest   45.00

G-Star jeans for women, very fitted, zip fly, straight leg, elastic fabric, low rise

G-Star Raw 60883 Midge Cody Mid Skinny

G-Star Raw 60883 'Midge Cody Mid Skinny'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   65.00

G-Star denim fitted/slim, mid rise, for women, with elastane, zip and button closure, skinny fit

GStar Raw 5620 Elwood Mid Waist Skinny

GStar Raw '5620 Elwood Mid Waist Skinny'


the cheapest   110.00

Women's G-Star jeans snugly through the thighs, closed with zipper fly, skinny leg, mid rise, stretchy denim

GStar Raw 60653 3301 Tapered Jean

GStar Raw 60653 '3301 Tapered' Jean

Skinny Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   

the cheapest   50.00

Women's G-Star jeans tapered fit, stretchy denim, zip and button closure, regular fit, mid rise

G-Star 60880 Ultra High Super Skinny Denim

G-Star 60880 'Ultra High Super Skinny' Denim


from   30.00

Women's G-Star jeans skinny leg, high rise, with elastane, extra slim fit, zip fly

G-STAR 60236 Arc Loose Tapered

G-STAR 60236 'Arc Loose Tapered'

Skinny Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   

from   60.00

G-Star Raw jeans pants regular fit, for women, no-stretchy denim, mid rise, zip closure, skinny cut

G-Star Raw 3301 Skinny

G-Star Raw '3301 Skinny'


from   47.50

G-Star denim zip closure, very fitted, low rise, narrow leg opening, for women, with elastane

GStar Arc 3D Kate Boyfriend Jeans

GStar 'Arc 3D Kate Boyfriend' Jeans

Skinny Leg   Relaxed Fit   Low Rise   

the cheapest   110.00

G-Star jeans no-stretchy, skinny fit, relaxed fit, zip and button closure, low rise, for women

G-Star Raw 60565 New Radar Skinny Jeans

G-Star Raw 60565 'New Radar Skinny' Jeans


from   155.00

En denim slim rise, , for g-star, , , tapered leg

GStar Denim 60882 Midge Midwaist Straight

GStar Denim 60882 'Midge Midwaist Straight'

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   


G-Star jeans zip and button closure, stretchy, snugly through the thighs, straight leg, mid rise, for women

G-Star Raw 60280 New Reese Loose

G-Star Raw 60280 'New Reese Loose'



Women's G-Star Raw jeans closed with zipper fly, no-stretchy denim, boot-cut, low rise, roomy fit

G-Star Raw 6021 Midge Straight

G-Star Raw 6021 'Midge Straight'

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Ultra-low Rise   


G-Star Raw pair of jeans stretchy denim, very fitted, straight cut, ultra-low rise, for women, zip closure

G-STAR Raw 60654 3301 Contour Skinny

G-STAR Raw 60654 '3301 Contour Skinny'



G-Star pair of jeans slim fit, skinny leg, for women, mid rise, zip fly, stretchy denim

G-Star Raw 60367 Lynn Skinny

G-Star Raw 60367 'Lynn Skinny'

Skinny Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   


G-Star Raw denim skinny cut, low rise, closed with zipper fly, stretchy denim, for women, slim fit

GStar Raw 60878 3301 Low Super Skinny

GStar Raw 60878 '3301 Low Super Skinny'



Women's G-Star jeans zip closure, really snugly through the thighs, ultra-low rise, stretchy denim, skinny fit

G-Star Raw Attacc Mid Waist Straight Denim

G-Star Raw 'Attacc Mid Waist Straight' Denim

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Mid Rise   


Women's G-Star jeans straight cut, snugly through the thighs, zip fly, mid rise, stretchy denim

G-Star Raw 60428 Ford Straight

G-Star Raw 60428 'Ford Straight'



Women's G-Star Raw jeans straight cut, low rise, regular fit, elastic fabric, zip fly

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Did you know ?

Amongst the fashionable worn and faded jeans, we find the raw denim jeans, made out of a plain fabric which has had no treatment whatsoever and no wash before its commercialisation. Purists only swear by these plain jeans which they will shape up with method. After having worn them for a while without obviously washing them, it is common to slipped into a warm bath wearing them in order for the trousers to dry on oneself and therefore adopt the unique shape of the individual. Some wear them for months before washing them for the first time. G-Star Raw is known for its raw denim but Levi's also offers its range 'Shrink to fit' in the same idea.
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