EVISU Jeans - Men

EVISU 2017 Carrot Fit Jeans

EVISU '2017 Carrot Fit' Jeans

Skinny Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   


Evisu pair of jeans regular through the thighs, thin leg opening, for men, no-stretchy denim, mid rise, button-only closure

EVISU 2023 Skinny Fit Jean

EVISU '2023 Skinny Fit' Jean



Evisu denim snugly through the thighs, for men, skinny cut, elastic fabric, closed with buttons, low rise

EVISU Seagull Jeans

EVISU 'Seagull' Jeans

Straight Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   


Evisu denim mid rise, button fly, for men, straight leg, regular fit, no-stretchy denim

EVISU 2010 slim fit

EVISU '2010 slim fit'



Men's Evisu jeans mid rise, straight leg, no-stretchy denim, buttons closure, very fitted

EVISU 2000 Loose Fit Denim

EVISU '2000 Loose Fit' Denim

Straight Leg   Relaxed Fit   High Rise   


Evisu jeans pants comfortable, high rise, straight cut, for men, no-stretchy denim, button-only closure

EVISU Nakano jeans

EVISU 'Nakano' jeans



Men's Evisu jeans mid rise, regular fit, straight cut, no-stretchy, button fly

EVISU Jeans Distressed Daicock

EVISU Jeans 'Distressed Daicock'

Straight Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   


Men's Evisu jeans regular through the thighs, button fly, mid rise, no-stretchy, straight leg


EVISU 'Kyodo'



Evisu jeans pants regular fit, for men, mid rise, zip fly, straight cut, no-stretchy denim

EVISU Jeans 2020 Regular Slim Straight Fit

EVISU Jeans '2020 Regular Slim Straight Fit'

Straight Leg   Slim Fit   Low Rise   


Men's Evisu jeans low rise, no-stretchy denim, straight leg, closed with buttons, fitted/slim

EVISU 2008 Regular Fit

EVISU '2008 Regular Fit'



Evisu jeans pants buttons closure, for men, mid rise, no-stretchy denim, straight cut, regular through the thighs

EVISU Jeans Wink

EVISU Jeans 'Wink'

Straight Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   


Evisu jeans pants for men, regular fit, straight leg, mid rise, no-stretchy, button-only closure

EVISU Reigi Straight

EVISU 'Reigi Straight'



Men's Evisu jeans button-only closure, low rise, no-stretchy denim, regular fit, straight leg

EVISU Hiroto

EVISU 'Hiroto'

Straight Leg   Regular Fit   Mid Rise   


Evisu pair of jeans no-stretchy denim, mid rise, for men, regular fit, button-only closure, straight leg

EVISU Hayato Japan Long

EVISU 'Hayato Japan Long'



Men's Evisu jeans button fly, mid rise, no-stretchy denim, straight cut, relaxed fit

EVISU Haruki Daicock

EVISU 'Haruki Daicock'

Straight Leg   Relaxed Fit   High Rise   


Men's Evisu jeans comfortable, buttons closure, high rise, no-stretchy, straight cut


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