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energie jeans logoIn 1983, Wichy Hassan, the son of a Libyan family settled in the capital of Italy for 17 years, opens a fashion store in Rome, Energie (plural for energy in Italian) will be the trade name. This store which aim is to bring together all the impulses of the American fashion, punk, etc., selling new as well as second hand stuff, will see its success grow during the years.

Its reputation being at its peak, in 1989, its designer decides to create his own collection of jeans for men, attaching the store label to it.

Energie jeans adsEnergie is known for its originality when it comes to denim, combining and mixing styles and cuts and innovating into new ways of production. Constantly looking into new ways of treatment and faded looks, underlines a personality that inspires, rebellion, transgression, rock and the sexiness.

In 1991, the firm decides to feminise itself and launches a collection aimed at teenagers girls : Miss sixty. Leading to Sixty Group which becomes an international fashion pillar.

With time, Miss Sixty will mature as well as its customers, which then leads it to aim at a wider female audience, more mature, who recognise themselves in the sophisticated and very feminine collections of the brand, inspiring glamour, irony and exuberance, with a definite look of the 60's and 70's.

Miss Sixty logoSixty Group has been developing itself in all directions for the last few years, taking over several brands. From 2001, a first diversification leads the firm to commercialise Miss Sixty glasses. Later it will commercialise collections of Energie and Miss Sixty shoes, of fragrance and jewellery and leather handbags under the brand Miss Sixty.

Miss Sixty jeans adsMore recently, ranges of swimming suits under both labels have been marketed. In 2005, the firm launched its children wear range.

The communication marketing of the group is mainly orientated towards 'people'. Justified by the story of Energie and its designer, this strong will to remain a fashionable and trendy brand gets stronger through pictures of celebrities displaying the creations of the group.

A communication focussed around design and modernity also develops itself.

Energie and Miss Sixty are present in over 90 countries, with about 200 dedicated stores. Today, the Group's aim is to conquer Asia.

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