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Lee Cooper LogoStand back, this is real stuff in the denim world. Lee Cooper, a real Brit from the streets, pure stuff, not the made up stuff you find in tea rooms.

The monochrome image of Lee Cooper: English pubs and pints of beers, mates and feisty debates, football fans. Lee Cooper do not make jeans for cowboys or movie stars  But do not get mistaken, we are not talking about Beckham football but about Rooney's football style.

Lee Cooper says it loud and clear : « We do not make jeans for cowboys or movie stars ». A rebellious act towards Wrangler, Levi's, Diesel and others.
For Lee Cooper, jeans are not an artifice.
Is this a marketing strategy? It is more an evidence of the sturdy historical character of this centenary firm.

The adventure started back in 1908, when Morris Cooper founded M.Cooper Overalls Limited, which specialises in the manufacture of work clothes for the workers of the industrial revolution (it's a common starting point for all the pillars of the denim industry: Lee, Wrangler, Levi's …).

Morris CooperIt is not until 1913 that the production made out of denim will start. A year later, the company will supply the British army in uniforms. As well as during the Second World War, during which factories were requisitioned. The company will experience its largest expansion in the postwar period, when the British government will have no choice but to impose rationing, and a pair of Lee Cooper jeans will sell for one coupon rationing, against 26 for a traditional suit.
Lee Cooper becomes the most affordable supplier in clothing at the time.

1965 Lee Cooper adsAs from 1946, Harold Cooper, son of the founder and now CEO, will strongly direct the production towards leisure and casual wear.

The exportation develops itself, first to Holland, then France, which will remain extremely loyal (on the English version of Lee Cooper's website, we are talking about 'the mysterious and deep fidelity of France', an ironic wink, in view of the tumultuous relations between the French and the British!).

Today, Lee Cooper operates in over 70 countries.

Lee Cooper AdvertisingIn the 50's, the firm will launch the first ever zipped jeans for ladies, causing stupor. A children range will be available in 1955 as well as coloured jeans.

From Scottish checked trousers of the 60's to hugging cuts of the 80's, Lee Cooper has always been innovative. Today, its jeans collection are more authentic, following continuity and simplicity, a way to avoid falling into the traps of creating new cuts, colours or fashion from one season to another.

Lee Cooper JCDC DenimThe brand is attached to its history, and its collections are a realisation of that: simple cuts, practicality and fashionable at the same time without going to the extreme.

In 2008, Lee Cooper the oldest in the european jeans industry, celebrated its 100 years anniversary. In order to launch new products, the firm works with some famous personalities / celebrities.

40 years after Jane Birkin had worked for advertising campaigns, her daughter Lou Doillon, designed a new range of 'prêt à porter' : 'Lou Doillon by Lee Cooper'.

The fashion designer Jean-Charles de CastelBaljac will also create a denim range.

Official website : http://www.leecooper.com/

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