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Kaporal 5 and Mc LemKaporal 5 is a jeans factory of Marseille, which has known a dazzling rise in the last few years.

In 1979, the Emsellem family embarks in the jeans industry with Mc Lem brand. First given to a third party in the early 90's, the firm will then be back into the family in 1996, thanks to the son, Laurent, who decided to take over the business.

Kaporal 5 helmetIn the early 2000s, the denim market is divided between the historical tenors offering relatively cheap jeans, and premium brands mainly Italians. Kaporal 5 kind of made its place in the middle, a brand created for the occasion, which marketing would be aimed at the under 30, with a price range between 90 & 120 Euros; the style is characterised by worn and ageing effects, faded looks and innovating cuts.

Its rise is since impressive. The turnover has been multiplied by 20 in 4 years, reaching in 2006 42 millions Euros. More is added to the Kaporal collection, such as tops (blazers, polo shirts, t-shirts), skirts and shorts. The company ads value to its name through licenses for swimwear, optics, watches and even motorbikes helmets!

Kaporal's aim is to expand abroad. In 2012, sales reached 100 million, but the share of export sales is only 12%.
To promote this mutation, management is renewed in 2012, and the investor group TowerBrook capital Partners takes a majority stake in 2013, after acquiring True Religion. The goal now is to triple the scope of the mark by four years ...

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