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G-Star raw posterG-Star Raw is a leading brand, just as there are technologies of the same name. The very carefully thought marketing of this 20 years old firm puts it in a rather subtle niche, distinguishing itself by its combination of authenticity and innovation, rudimentary and experimental.

In 1989, Jos Van Tilburg created in collaboration with the firm Secon Group, famous in the Dutch fashion world, a denim range called Gap Star.

G-Star posterVan Tilburg has then very modest ambitions: he is not a hardened businessman. He could sense a potential market in Benelux. He has no intention of expanding his business abroad and this is not even an option as the use of 'Gap Star' would be a problem given other brand names already registered by big firms.

Yet this is exactly what will happen very quickly, and the brand The Gap will make him give away the 'A' and the 'P' to eventually come up with G-Star.

G-Star Elwood jeansG-Star will make its former glory by launching its 'Raw' denim range, synonymous of authenticity : we are then in 1996. (the term 'raw or dry denim' is usually used for indigo coloured jeans, which fabric has not undergone any treatment or washes after its production).

It is the designer Pierre Morisset, who will be in charge of the design of this range, which will have to combine the raw characteristics of the clothing and fabric, with an avant-garde style, a subtle combination of a quirky traditional and experimental, which the brand is still known for today.

G-Star raw posterThe iconic 'Elwood' style will soon be the symbol of this denim range. Its design is very much a reminder of bikers trousers. Since then, the Elwood style has been diversified in dozens derived styles, in many cuts and fits possible, but always remaining in the same structural spirit.

In 2002, Van Tilburg and Secon Group separate. In 2007, G-Star has launched a shoe range, always keeping in mind this authenticity and non-conformism spirit.

Since its beginning, the firm growth rate reaches from 20% to 30% annually. Its 2006 turnover was of about 400 million Euros.

In the recent years, G-Star maintains its image by contributing to the development under its label combining technology, timelessness and traditional (yes, yes, yes it's possible).

Amongst them, the 'raw defender' in collaboration with the Land Rover car company or the 'raw ferry' sailing on the canals of Amsterdam, or even the 'raw cannondale', a cycle which is a paradox to the G-Star Raw company's image.

G-Star Raw : technology, timelessness and traditional

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