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Evisu, it's the story of a man who followed his passion. Hidehiko Yamane is a 'jeans otaku', a denim passionate that you only see in Japan.

Evisu JeansDuring his quest for vintage, authentic and antique jeans for his personal collection, he nourishes the secret hope that one day he will make the best jeans in the world, in line with the methods of the denim's pioneers, and away from today's plain collections.

His ambition will see the light when he will find American tools-machines from the 50's used for making jeans. We are then in 1988 and Hidehiko decides to make his own denim, in order to sell them to passionate like him.

Poches arrières Evisu JeansOn the back-pockets, he will paint a stylish seagull and he will produce about a dozen jeans a day.

Since then, Evisu has always produced jeans that were the most genuine but also the most respectful to the original working methods, all this thanks to the machines used, the choice of the denim, the cuts, weaves, stitches used, embroidery and shades.

Evisu Jeans AdsThe relatively high price of this brand is therefore justified by these techniques, while other labels only justify their prices by the prestige of their name....

Evisu gets its origin from 'Evis', the Buddhist god of prosperity, towards which Hidehiko Yamane will head to as from 1991, by creating his own company (we obviously cannot help thinking that this is also a wink to 'Levis', this becomes clearer with the Evisu 'red tab' sewn on the right back pocket).

From Osaka, the success quickly spreads all over Japan. From 1994, the brand will start expanding all over the world. Its expansion in Europe will happen through the Italian firm Futurenet, which will produce and sell the products under a license.

The female range won't be available until 1999, followed by a children wear and a shoe collection.

In the stores of the brand, the tradition of the hand painted designs on the back-pocket remains. In the shop of Osaka, M.Kobayashi will teach this technique to employees of other stores. We can actually see him in the video below, decorating a pair of Evisu jeans by a logo of the brand and an ideogram meaning 'Osaka'.

Official website : http://international.evisu.com/
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