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Edwin Jeans: the denim's story in the sunrise land

Logo EdwinEdwin is initially a Japanese family business, who saw light in the 50's, importing in the Empire of the Rising Sun, second hand jeans from across the Pacific. Thanks to its skills, the Japanese family restored work clothes before selling them back.

Denim was made in Japan from 1951, but the fabric produced was way too expensive and its quality rather poor.

Edwin jeansFrom 1959, the Tsunemi family will have a go at importing brand new jeans, however clients didn't really like the roughness of the 'brand new' fabrics and the fact that they tend to shrink in the wash, something that second hand jeans didn't get the customers used to.

Edwin saw light in 1961, from the eagerness to offer its loyal customers the denim they expected: the first pair of Edwin jeans was born and with it the brand. Edwin is an anagram of 'Denim', the 'm' mutating into a 'w'.

Edwin was the first manufacturer in Japan to use stone-wash techniques. Today, it claims the fact that it invented this concept: others firms argue this fact by claiming the same thing, but it is widely believed that Marithé and François Girbaud are the true inventors of the concept.

Edwin also frequently uses hand-washing techniques on its jeans.

Edwin Ads with Brad PittThe Japanese label is particularly known for having produced in 1963 one of the heaviest denim in the history, using a 16 ounces cloth. Today, for classical jeans, cloths of 11 and 13 ounces are used. The brand makes its jeans using home selvedge cloth. It also produces a 13,7 ounces rainbow edging denim: the rainbow selvage, exclusive to Edwin.

The actor, Brad Pitt was actively involved in the promotion of the brand from 1996 to 1999.

Edwin took over Lee Japan in 1987, Fiorucci in 1991, and Wrangler's operating rights in Japan in 2000. Today, it commercialises numerous sub-brands, amongst them 'Something' for women. It exploits under a licence Carhatt brand, and develops its own other labels such as C-17, Gold Rush or Liberto.

Today Edwin has established itself throughout the world as a quality brand for and by passionate, with a medium price range.

Official website : http://www.edwin-europe.com/
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