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Diesel is all about the work of one man: Renzo Rosso.

 Diesel Ads - YaltaRenzo was born in Italy in 1955 of a farmer family. Renzo is very ambitious from a very early age. In his own words : « As a child, my dream was to become a little more than just a worker. ».

He very quickly demonstrates talents for business, indeed at the age of only 10 he developed an intensive breeding of rabbit starting from a rabbit he originally received as a present!

Not really keen on studies, at the age of 15 he joins the new and first Italian fashion school. To him a way of a quick success in this industry rather than being driven by passion.

Sunglasses Diesel advertHowever, he finds himself having great designer talents, which leads him to create his very first styles of clothes at the age of only 20. He then joins a company specialised in trousers manufacturing, its boss will become his business partner in 1978, the start of Genius Group.

This new firm will create in its first year several labels, amongst which the Diesel brand.

Genius Group will export its full male range of clothing as from 1981, in 1984 its children range Diesel Kids will follow, but its female range won't see the day until 1989.

 the Diesel company uses advertising campaign combining dark humour and derision, In 1985, Rosso will work on his own and take full responsibility of the company. A way for him to put his own marks in his firm, eager to create an alternative to the existing luxurious market.

Through anti-conformist creations, he wants to spread passion, individuality and self-expression.

1991, is the year when Diesel is talked about and pointed at, as the company uses advertising campaign combining dark humour and derision, to social or politics issues, which will trigger controversy on a regular basics.

In 1994, Rosso launches the sportswear brand : 55-DSL.

Today, Diesel remain one of the biggest European manufacturers of clothing, including its famous jeans, but also sunglasses, shoes, luggage, fragances and cosmetics, etc.

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