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Jeans Denim's aim is to guide you through your choice of jeans according to your shape.
Your shape characteristics will direct you to jeans that best suit you and direct you away from less suitable styles of jeans.

In order to come up with an adequate jeans list that suit you, we have to classify the manufacturers offer given you styles criteria.
It's a tricky job, since understandably each brand want to stand out.

To finish, a consensus enables us to rank the offer of several manufacturers based on 3 main criteria, to which we will add a fourth one :

Skinny Leg  Straight Leg  Bootcut Leg  Flare Leg 

Slim Fit  Relaxed Fit  Regular fit 

High Rise  Mid Rise  Low Rise  Ultra low Rise 

Classic Style  Fashion Style 

Skinny Leg Skinny / Tapered :
it is the closest cut to the curves of the body. A style in a diamond shape, tapered from the hips, with a narrow bottom (5.5" to 7")
Straight Leg Straight :
it is the traditional cut, with no tightening and no particular widening from the knee. In average the bottom measures between 7" to 9".
Bootcut Leg Bootcut :
The cut is tightened around the knee area, and then flares out slightly towards the ankle. Bottom of trousers between 9" and 10"
Flare Leg Flare :
the cut is narrower around the knees and very flared from the knee to the ankle. Bottom part measures from 10" to 12" and even more !

Slim Fit Slim :
very tight around the hips and the thighs, very 'close to the body'.
Relaxed Fit Relaxed :
extra confortable around the posterior and thighs, curves are hidden. It comes in different levels of comfort , going from 'loose' to 'baggy'
Regular fit Regular (normal, traditional, classic) : a cross between the above two, slightly tightened towards the thighs and hips.

High Rise High Rise :
the belt covers then the belly button, or is above it.
Mid Rise Mid Rise (regular rise) :
the belt is just below the belly button.
Low Rise Low Rise :
the belt is then 2" or 3" below the belly button.
Ultra low Rise Ultra low Rise (super low rise, Brazilian rise) : hot hot hot! The belt is then 3.5", 4" or even 5" below the belly button, giving room just for a tiny zip (or buttons).

Fashion Style Fashion Style :
combining the must of the moment and originality , mainly when it comes to colours used, effects (worn, ripped, patched...), pockets (shape, size, style...)
Classic Style Classic Style :
more traditional, in line with the work clothes that used to be its ancestor. Particularities are here subtlety, and all brands that have contributed to the myth of jeans can be found in this style.

To make it easier for you to find the perfect jeans, Jean & Denim Guide has selected all jeans according to each of these 4 criteria, the cut, the fit, the rise and the style.
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