About this guide

The J&D guide sorts out the first database which classifies jeans styles from different brands, such as Levis, Diesel, Wrangler, Lee, Pepe jeans and many more! Jeans are listed according to their cut, fit, rise and other characteristics. A tricky and clever task done manually jeans by jeans, in order to give the most adequate information and to help you choose the right pair of jeans.

Not only that, but J&D also provides you with advices when it comes to which style of jeans to choose giving your shape : after just a few questions, you will find out the cut/ fit/rise combination that will best suit you, also which styles from which brands come in that combination and where to find them at the best price. J&D keeps a close eye on online offers in order to always give you the best price available.

Last but not least, J&D is also a real encyclopedia when it comes to the denim, to the latest jeans information thanks to the blog, and a wide range of offers on other clothes (such as t-shirts, jackets, shoes etc.) that specialised labels in the denim offer.